Why I Looked for DSL in My Area

I am not paying the equivalent of a car payment on a used car for Internet service every month. That is ridiculous. Most families do not need those insane Internet speeds to have a great daily Internet experience for the whole family. A lot of businesses do not have the Internet speeds some people are paying for at home. To me, it is just a waste of money we can put toward things such as a longer vacation. When we moved, I looked up who was providing DSL in my area. DSL is not old technology. It has been developed to the point that it offers broadband Internet at family speeds that let you stream movies, connect game consoles and use your home’s Wi-Fi on your smartphones and tablets and more.

I guess we just get all wrapped up in higher numbers or bigger portions are better. Our waistlines in America offer counter evidence to the one, and getting DSL proves the other is not needed as well. Continue reading

What Is Cloud Computing and Why Should You Consider It?

Cloud computing is changing the way that individuals and entire businesses accomplish tasks every day. With only an internet connection and a web browser, a person can log on from any computer or web-enabled device in any location and access stored data, check e-mail, store and manage passwords, and collaborate on documents with co-workers in other locations. These are just a few examples of how cloud computing has given people the freedom to work from virtually anywhere. If you consider your own internet usage, chances are that you’ll realize you already use cloud computing on a regular basis.

What Equipment Does Cloud Computing Require?

Historically, if you wanted to use a program to, say, manage your finances or edit your photos, you had to purchase software and install it on your computer. And if you wanted to use the software, you had to use that exact device. Now, instead of purchasing and installing expensive hardware and software, users of cloud-based solutions use internet connections to link into applications powered by a provider’s network of servers. By visiting a service’s or application’s website, registering and perhaps paying to subscribe, users can then log in from any desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet device or several other devices using your user name and password. All of this is accomplished by one of the advantages of cloud computing, which is a system that employs networks of computers and/or servers to run applications that people around the world can log in and use.

What Advantages Does Cloud Computing Offer?

Of considerable benefit to the end-user is not having to learn and understand the intricacies of the equipment and software behind the application. For the end user, it’s as simple as opening up a web browser, entering the web address of the application or service and logging in. For individuals, cloud computing is convenient and easy to use. For businesses, it has already become a valuable way to save money on data storage and networking costs.

A prime example of cloud computing is a cloud-based collaboration program that a group of people can use simultaneously to edit documents, photos, videos and more. This group does not need to install any software on their computers, and they don’t even have to be on the same continent. Manipulating files in the cloud instead of storing them using a device’s memory saves memory, and it doesn’t require the device to use additional processing power.

As people find new and innovative ways to handle personal and business tasks via the cloud, the future promises to be a place where geographic distance is not even an issue. Data is stored in a network of computers and servers that may be across the country or world. Some cloud-based solutions even provide increased processing power, which is useful if the person doesn’t want to purchase additional servers, software and other equipment. With some imagination and advances in technology, and telecommunications the possibilities offered by cloud computing are seemingly limitless.

How to Use the Internet to Sell Your Home

There are a lot of ways to effectively sell your home. You can sell it by owner, or hire a realtor to sell it for you. Another option these days would be to consider selling online. There are several ways to do this…

You will find that when you explore your options, there are many online sites where you can add your home to their website pages. You can post a picture and description and your contact information as well. If you are familiar with the computer, you can even create your own website. This would be great in combination with posting on a real estate site.

There are also many, various classified sites on the internet where, most of which are free to use. You can use these websites to post your ad/home for sale in as many cities as you would like. Again you would also need to post a picture and description for viewers to see. There are various methods in which you can have people contact you. One of which is via phone. However, if you are not comfortable with giving out your phone number in this way, then you can provide an email address for any interested viewers to contact you with.

You can additionally add hyper links within your ad directing interested parties to broker sites. Adding hyper links means that they can fill in their information and see if they qualify for a home loan. You can even add hyper links to maps, giving directions to your home which is a great way for people have a good understanding of where the property is located. Furthermore, you may even provide links with information notifying the public about the community and the schools in the area. The ideas are limitless!

When posting an ad to advertise online, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. First, make sure that the pictures you are posting are clear and big enough for viewers to see the details. You will also want to use a catchy headline for your ad and possibly consider incorporating some sort of slide show. This would automatically change pictures every few seconds. The benefit of a slide show is that it would give the buyer the impression of walking through your home. If you feel like you have time, it would be advisable to add a recording to your ad; possibly one that describes your home and all of its qualities. This may be appealing to someone who isn’t into reading an entire ad.

Keywords are another aspect of advertising that you may also think about. Here, this would be a list of words associated with your ad to aid in search results. For example if a keyword was “by owner” and someone typed in “houses for sale by owner”, your ad would appear in their search results.

It is important to create openness within your ad, this way; the buyer will feel very comfortable reaching you in order to ask any further questions about your property.

Selling your home online opens up an entire new advertising market. It will allow you to reach people you normally would not be able to reach by just placing signs in the yard and advertising locally. You will be amazed as to how many people begin their home search online.

You can solely place and advertise online or you can do it along with listing your home with a real estate agent. You may find that some real estate agents also have the ability to advertise your home online as well.

Hard to Find Phone Numbers – Computer and Internet Retailer

This alphabetical list contains a lot of hard to find phone numbers of Computer and Internet Related stuff. This is a basic rough list which I’ll try to update periodically. It’s not perfect as I’m sure I left plenty of companies out and all the phone numbers are US phone numbers with the exception of TuCows, which is a Canadian number and Logitech’s remote control number (They rule!). You may need to put a “1” in front of the Toll Free numbers where applicable. I tried to give customer service contact numbers as much as possible and used the latest phone numbers I could find:

Acer (for notebooks) 800-816-2237 (for Aspire) 800-938-2237

Amazon Support 866-216-1072

Amazon MP3 Support 888-802-3083

Amazon Associates 701-787-9740


USA & Canada: 800-827-3338

High Speed Broadband Support: 888-849-3200

Billing: 888-265-8003

Cancellation: 888-265-8008

Apple 800-APL-CARE

ATI 905-882-2626

Buy.Com – 800-800-0800

Canon 800-OK-CANON

CNET 1-800-616-CNET

Compaq (Part of HP) 800-652-6672

Dell 1-800-624-9896

Ebay 800-322-9266 888-749-3229

ESET (NOD 32) Technical 619-876-5400, press 3 Toll Free. 866-343-ESET 3738

EPSON (Dot Matrix Printers) 562-276-4350 (Laserjet Printers) 562-276-4382

Gateway 800-846-2301

Godaddy 480-505-8877

Google Headquarters 650-253-0000

Google Ann Arbor 734-332-6500

Google Atlanta 404-487-9000

Google Boulder 303-245-0086

Google Cambridge 617-575-1300

Google Chicago 312-840-4100

Google Coppell 214-451-4000

Google Dallas 214-559-5400

Google Denver 303-524-1123

Google Detroit 248-593-4000

Google Irvine 949-794-1600

Google Kirkland 425-739-5600

Google New York 212-565-0000

Google Phoenix 480-384-1000

Google Pittsburgh 412- 297-5400

Google San Francisco 415-736-0000

Google Santa Monica 310-460-4000

Google Seattle 206-876-1500 206-876-1800

Google Washington DC 202-346-110

HP (Hewlett-Packard owns Compaq) 800-474-6836


Linksys 800-326-7114


Corporate 510-795-8500

Billing 888-863-8312

Consumer Sales 800-231-7717

Online Orders 800-884-9480

Remote Controls (Canada) 1-905-273-4571 Main

Memory Store 877-ADD-RAM9

Micron 877-894-5693

Microsoft 425-882-8080 866-234-6020 800-Microsoft

Microsoft Product Support 800-360-7561

MSN 800-386-5550

NEC (Except as listed) 1-800-632-4525 (Floppy Hard & Optical Drives) 800-632-4650 (Monitors) 800-632-4662 (Printers) 800-632-4650

Nero Software (818) 956-7551


Corporate 408-540-3700

Customer Service 800-585-8131

Customer Service 888-638-3549

Customer Service 800-279-5688

Customer Service 800-715-2120

Netgear 888-NETGEAR

Nintendo 425-882-2040

(ESET) NOD 32 Technical 619-876-5400, press 3 Toll Free. 866-343-ESET 3738

Norton Anti-Virus 408-517-8000

Paypal 888-221-1161

PC Tools (Registry Mechanic & Spyware Doctor) 800-764-5783

Registry Mechanic 800-764-5783

Sony (PC Support) 888-476-6972 (Monitors) 866-357-7669 (Handhelds) 877-760-SONY

Spyware Doctor 800-764-5783

Symantic (Norton Anti-Virus) 408-517-8000

3Com 847-262-0070

Toshiba (PC Support) 800-457-7777 (PDAs) 800-949-7993

TuCows (Canada) 416-535-0123

Yahoo 408 349-3300 866 562-7219 408-349-1572

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Why I Protect My PC Now From Viruses and Computer Hijackers

PC security is vital in this day and age where not only is your personal information available online your children or you can become victims if you don’t go asking how to protect my PC now. Some people chose not to have a computer that is one way to never worry about this problem but if you are like most people a computer often a pc type is part of the kids homework, your home office, or even networked to your business these days.

Just last month, in the Denver local news, a person had their entire computer hacked as they call it even though the computer owner had one of the most popular anti virus programs running on their system. This happens to many people all over the country and personally I had my system broken into five times in 2005 that is when I finally got serious about this problem. Every day you can read more about how you and your computer are in trouble if you don’t take the issue of computer security serious. So how can we stop these kind of crimes and be able to have a computer in our home?

First you have to find the right computer for you. Then don’t just settle with whatever someone suggests find the computer that meets your needs as your security program is something you add to your computer not something that determines your purchase. Many pc’s come with a trail of something on it to get you going but you should not just decide that is the best for you without investigating your options. This is exactly how my computer got hijacked five times back in 2005. This article is not a recommendation of a product – instead we want to stop Cyber crime.

Is it important as more computer threats are emerging literally by the second. Beware as it is no longer just about viruses. You can expect to hear about and have to watch out for spyware, trojans, worms, rootkits, bots and even phishing attacks. Each month new plots to take over your computer or your life are all on the rise by hackers. One key to stopping this is make sure you have real-time protection with daily updates in security. Usually this is a setting you do once you choice how you want to virus protect your computer.

Run a anti virus scan daily if you use your computer often or have many people surfing the web. One of the best times to scan your system is while you sleep so everyone can use the computer if needed.

Also there are malware authors who are constantly redesigning their code formulas to elude anti virus and security programs. Some companies have a bigger jump than others on resources to reveal the behavior of these attackers and learn about how they plan to break into your computer. Finding a service that updates their anti virus software daily and even multiple times a day when needed may be important to you so that personal information like passwords are protected against the latest threat.

The impact on your home or business will be devastating if you don’t spend time to explore how best way to virus protect your computers. That is why pro active protection is so important.

Here are some statistics:

1. There were 31,173 Phishing and password-stealing malware sites recorded by the APWG with an increase each quarter since. In fact the APWG reports a 4. % increase at minimum each quarter in 2009 for the last quarter on hijack attacks. This steady increase is thought to be part of the rise of social media in most homes.

2. Gartner another reporting agency found that in September 2008 their was an increase of 39.8 from the prior 12 months where USA buyers lost 5 million to phishing attacks alone.

3. In Addition the American Government malware attacks doubled between 2006 and 2008 and still steadily increase yearly according to the Department of Homeland Security.

4. Also fraud keeps going up Garnter once again reports that 7.5 percent American adults were victims of computer financial fraud last year with data breaches being the number one cause.

Whether you own and existing computer and have had problems or you are looking to buy a pc it is important to research from time to time the best way to have privacy and security online. With the USA and even the world making the internet the mode of communication and data storage for your most sensitive information it is important that you say protect my pc before you add any more important information to your current or new computer.

Tips on Hiring a Computer Repair Company

For many of us, life stops when our computers stop. In this era of communication, we depend on computers in a big way. I am sure that many people find it hard to imagine a day’s work without a functional computer.

Apart from using the social media sites, household people use computers for searching, e-mailing, browsing interesting sites and researching. But that is not all. Now many people work as freelance contractors by sitting at home. For them, computer is the work station.

Things do not go right all the time. From time to time we face troubles with our computers. Sometimes the monitor does not work, sometimes internet does not work, sometimes the cables malfunction, sometimes the power cods do not function. What to do in such cases? I guess many of us try to fix it of our own. What happens if we make the thing worse? Therefore I suggest that you contact a computer repair company when things go wrong with your laptop or desktop computer. They are professionals and know how to repair computers. They will first diagnose the problem and than will repair it. Here are the tips on hiring a computer repair company:

Ask your friends and relatives for a suggestion. Ask them if they have contacts of any computer repair company or not. If they have contacts of such a company, ask them whether they were happy with the service of the company or not. If the answer is yes, call the company and talk to the sales representative.

Another good way to search for a computer repair company is by browsing the internet. Search whether there are any companies in your town. For instance, if you live in Denver, search for a company that has its office in Denver. If you find several companies, note down their numbers.

Before selecting a company, find out its reputation. If it has good reputation, you can be assured that it will do a first-class job on your computer. My advice would be to ask; who their previous clients were, did these clients leave satisfied, how long this company has been in business and what noticeable accomplishments do they have under their belt. If all answers are satisfactory than you can be sure that they would do a good job.

Before selecting a computer repair company, find out whether they have a 24/7 phone support or not. If they do, very good. If they do not have this service, move on and select another. I am saying this because you probably would need their help in future as well. And you never know when things might go wrong. It can be in the middle of the night!

My last tip would be this – do not hesitate to bargain with the company. If you know the exact problem, ask them how much they would charge to fix it. If you do not know the problem, ask they how much could the charge be.

I hope these tips help you in hiring a good computer repair company.

Contact Snowcat Computer Repair if you are living in Denver.
Computer repair Denver.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Irfan_Choudhury/336845

Internet Service Providers in Washington DC – History and Fun Go Hand-In-Hand!

Internet service providers in Washington DC can offer you DSL, fiber optic or wireless high speed internet connections, bringing the nation’s capital to your computer screen.

Whether you live and work in DC or want to enjoy a vacation there, a fast internet connection can really make your day.

For instance, if you’re visiting the capital from out of town, there’s plenty of history to enjoy in this city. There’s the Smithsonian Museums where you can happily spend a day, or even more, exploring everything from insects to locomotives! With a fast internet connection you can find out the opening times and even directions from your hotel.

Other attractions include taking a tour of the Whitehouse, the Capitol Building and the Supreme Court and finding out more about how the nation is governed. Or if you love historic buildings, then why not take a stroll through Georgetown, where you can admire beautifully restored 200 year old row houses?

Enjoy a walking tour of Old Town, Alexandria, a hop, skip and a jump away on the other side of the Potomac River. Feel the cobblestones under your feet as you explore this 250 year old waterfront town. You’ll be able to find out all the history of this town beforehand, courtesy of the internet.

If you fancy a change of pace on your vacation, then why not head over to Denver, Colorado? Internet service providers in Denver can offer a high speed DSL connection so you can check when the ski fields receive the first dump of snow in winter or which hiking trails are the best ones to explore during the summer months.

Fast internet speeds in Denver range from 1.5 mbps all the way up to 20 mbps. That means you’ll be able to do anything you like online, from playing games to watching TV shows, movies and videos, to downloading songs, planning your vacation, and even internet banking and online shopping.

You can search online for the best tourist attractions to visit in Denver, such as the 16th Street Mall, the Colorado State Capitol, the U.S. Mint and Denver Botanic Gardens. It’s so easy to check opening times and admission charges when you have a fast broadband connection.

If you love dinner theatre, then you’re in for a treat as Denver has three murder mystery dinner shows, the Lumber Baron Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre, The Dinner Detective and the Adams Mystery Playhouse. You can use your high speed internet connection to try to choose which one you should go to and make your reservations.

Having a wireless internet connection while you’re on vacation is just about essential these days; no more trying to find an internet café to email your friends or check the latest opening times for that restaurant that’s been recommended by your friends or fellow tourists. It’s all available to you from your laptop at the touch of a button, which means you save time and money when you search for the latest and greatest things to do on your vacation.

If you’re looking for internet service providers in Washington DC then a good online resource is all you need. Or if you’re looking for internet service providers in Denver you will find everything you need, including special online promotions that can save you money. A high speed internet connection is just a few seconds away!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Ruth_Suelemente/537693

Why Starting a Computer Repair Business Is a Good Idea

If you have been thinking about trying to find a way to make a little extra money, you might want to consider starting a computer repair business. Maybe you are saying to yourself, the only thing that I know about computers is how to turn them on and off. If so, then you defiantly want to read all of the information below very carefully.

First, the vast majority of the computer problems today can be repaired by simply running a piece of software on the system. Most people and businesses do not realize this, which is precisely why they call in an expert whenever their computers are not working as well as they would like it to.

When it comes to acquiring the software that you will need for this type of operation, most of it can be downloaded from the internet for free. However, it is recommended that you purchase a few of the most reliable virus and malware removers.

Second, most people already own a computer and have internet access, and other than starting a website and having some business cards and flyers printed out, that is pretty much all you need to get a computer repair business up and running.

The total cost including a couple of pieces of software to open this type of business should be less than $500.You do not need to open a store or even rent a small office, because you can run the entire thing right out of your home.

Third, this type of business is very easy and inexpensive to market. You defiantly want to let all of your friends and family know you now running a computer repair shop, and if you are lucky they will be able to send you a few customers. Next, you want to take the flyers and business cards that you had printed up, and start handing them out to the local businesses.

When it comes to your website, you want to make sure that it is named and designed so that it ranks very high in the search engines for your local market. One easy way to do that is simply by selecting the correct URL. Let’s say that you live in Denver Colorado, what you want to do is name your business “Denver Computer Repair” and purchase the URL “denvercomputerrepair.com”.

One of the key factors that the search engines use when they rank a site is its URL. Simply by selecting the URL we used as an example above, a computer repair shop in Denver would almost assuredly end up with more customers than they know what to do with.

Fourth, if you do a good job fixing somebody’s computer, in most instances they are going to call you the next time they have an issue. In addition, they will also recommend you to the people that they know whenever they have a computer problem. Of course, that makes it very easy to quickly grow your business and increase your income.

If you have been thinking about finding a way to make some extra money, or maybe opening something that will allow you to support yourself, then you should strongly consider starting a computer repair business.

If you would like to know more about starting a computer repair business, please click on this link.

The following website has all the information that you need, if you would like to know how to start a computer repair business.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/William_R._Alheim,_Jr./262275

Strategic Internet Marketing Plans – 8 Marketing Channels For Reaching the World

Strategic Internet Marketing Plans are ideal for the small business that wants to powerfully leverage the web in such a way as to maximize lead generation, revenues, brand positioning and referral marketing systems.

What are strategic internet marketing plans?

Strategic internet marketing plans are simply marketing action plans that systematically integrate and diagram your use of online resources and their extensions (such as mobile device marketing) in a way that maximizes your return on investment. Strategic internet marketing plans take into account your business and communications strategies, your budget and allocation of other resources, as well as your subsequent ability to manage projects during the execution phase.

To help you design the perfect plan that fits within the resources of your business, here are 8 types of activities and platforms you can leverage online to strategically build your business.

8 Broad Channels To Deploy Strategic Internet Marketing Plans

This section is just a broad outline of the channels that you would be wise to account for if you indeed plan to deploy a strategic internet marketing plan to build your business.

1. Email marketing system

Contrary to popular belief, email is still the killer “app” of online marketing. A robust and well designed email marketing system can help you achieve just about any strategic marketing objective you have in your business. Done the right way, you can quickly double or even triple the “asset value” of your business through email subscriber lists that consist of well segmented prospects and customers.

2. Web site Marketing

Your web site marketing strategy is the most crucial component of a strategic internet marketing plan after your email system. It allows you to have a “public home” online where information seekers can come and find the most authoritative and comprehensive information about your company, your products and services, as well as any other relevant information.

A powerful tactic that I always recommend for our small business consulting clients is to develop a powerful authority content portal no matter what else you do (or don’t do) on your website.

3. Search Engine Marketing

While search engine optimization and lead generation programs include what you do on your website, they do not stop there. Since search engines are the most powerful method for getting free internet traffic, you should heavily deploy tactics like article writing and syndication, placement in web directories, placement in review and shopping sites and any other ideas that bring you free, targeted traffic from the activity of search engines.

4. Info-Publishing and Marketing

Online information publishing and marketing allows you to get your marketing message out there in a way that is effective and lucrative. For just a little bit of extra effort and investment of resources, many small companies have developed powerful and complementary profit centers that have the added benefit of promoting their business.

5. Affiliate Marketing / Resellers and Distributors

Ever since Amazon popularized the internet version of this age-old marketing practice, affiliate marketing has been here to stay. This strategy is a great way to amplify the effect of your online information marketing.

6. Social Marketing

Social marketing and digital publicity is all the rage today. By strategically developing content that pre-sells (or sells) your products and services, you can join the conversation and build value for your company. Social marketing covers such tactics as Business Blogging, Podcasting, Social Networking, Social Content sharing, Social Network Application Development and online brand/reputation management among many others.

7. Online Advertising and Media Purchasing

There are almost as many niche advertising platforms online as there are websites. From contextual advertising networks, to Pay-per-click, to advertising on Facebook and YouTube, and even to targeted advertising in relevant ezines, you can get your message out by purchasing advertising directly to every imaginable segment of your customer marketplace.

8. Mobile Marketing

In the future, your computer will be completely swallowed by the internet. Quite possibly, so will your house, your car, and many other “venues” in your life. The mobile devices are the forerunners of this powerful trend. The sooner you integrate your strategic internet marketing plan to account for the huge increase in mobile device usage, the better it will be for your business.


By thinking of your online marketing or digital marketing action plan in this way, you can comprehensively cover the internet space, keeping track of new developments and making sure you are well positioned to implement new business designs that will determine the competitive landscape of your industry niche.

Gogo Erekosima, The Small Business Digital Coach is the CEO and Lead strategist at Denver Internet Marketing Consulting Company, Idea Age Consulting.

He recommends the resources at www.TurnAttentionIntoDollars.com [http://www.TurnAttentionIntoDollars.com] for small businesses (and professionals) seeking to leverage the internet to attract clients, build profitable email lists, generate internet traffic, win influential partners and grow sales in record time.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Gogo_Erekosima/403453

What Is Internet Fax?

Internet Fax is simply using the Internet or your email
system to send and receive faxes. Since it is web based,
you can send your faxes anytime anywhere; as long as
you have an Internet connection and these days that’s
available just about everywhere.

You sign up with an Internet fax service provider to
get your own fax number (local or toll free) which you
use in the same manner as you would use any fax number.
There is a small charge for this service but keep in mind
you do not need an extra phone line to do Internet faxing
since everything is done online.

Many small and large business owners are switching over
to Internet Fax for some obvious advantages: it is very
convenient, it is very fast, it offers more privacy, many
faxes can be sent/received simultaneously (no busy signals)
and it is available wherever you have the Internet. Plus
there are no messy fax machines and no need for a second
phone line.

One of the most asked questions about Internet Fax
relates to the confusion over just how the whole
thing works. Many traditional fax users can’t quite
get their heads around the idea of having faxes without
the traditional fax machine.

Basically, you sign up with a fax service provider and
get your own fax number and you send/receive your faxes
through your email system, your fax is attached to an email
as either a TIFF or PDF format file. You can access your
faxes from an online interface (your fax login site) where
your faxes are received and sent. You can also store your
faxes online there.

What confuses most people who are not familiar with online
faxing is the question: can I still send my faxes to the
old traditional machines, since many of my business partners
may not be using Internet Fax?

The answer is YES!

You can send your faxes to the old traditional fax machine
and if they have your fax number, they can still return a
fax to you via the old traditional manner or fax machine.

Here’s how Internet Fax works:

You use a fax gateway or Internet Fax provider/server
to handle your faxes. For example, say if you were
sending a fax.

Computer/Internet -> Fax provider/server ->
Phone line -> Fax machine

You use your computer and the Internet to log into your
online account/page to send your fax to your fax provider/server
which then uses the phone line to send your fax to the receiving
fax machine.

If you are receiving a Fax

Fax machine -> Phone line -> Fax provider/server ->
Email message (through Internet) -> Your Email account

Someone uses a fax machine to send you a fax which
goes through the phone line to your fax provider/server which
converts it into a TIFF or PDF file and sends you an email
message with your fax attached in your email.

If both parties are using Internet Fax, then your
faxes can be sent/received using your email systems
over the Internet.

Computer/email -> Fax provider/server -> Computer/email

What you really have to keep in mind, once you sign up
for an Internet fax service you will have an online
interface (login site) where you can send and receive
your faxes. Then when you send or receive a fax, you
get a confirmation in your web interface and/or by email.

This offers some great advantages such as receiving and
sending your faxes whenever and wherever you access
the Internet. No more busy signals, no more messy fax
machines, no more nosy workers seeing the contents of
your fax, and no extra phone line. Plus, many faxes can
be sent/received simultaneously, even when your computer
is turned off. No more missed faxes because your phone
line was busy.

However, in order to get all these advantages you have
to sign up for an Internet fax service. There are many
well known Internet fax providers such as MyFax, eFax,
RapidFax, TrustFax, Send2Fax… and some very good
lesser known faxing companies such as MetroHiSpeed out
of Seattle and Faxage out of Denver.

A word of caution, when signing up for any long term
business service it pays to do your homework first. It
pays to shop around mainly because even any small savings
may prove significant over the long haul. Prices can range
from very cheat (under $20 a year) to around $10 – $15
a month depending on the kind of service you need. There
are many different plans and services, and keep in mind,
you will pay more for International faxing.

Internet Fax seems to be the way of the future as more
and more businesses go online. Besides, as we become more
and more modernized, computers are offering us simple and
convenient solutions to many of our daily traditional business
tasks such as faxing. Can your business or any company really
afford to be left behind or not take advantage of the benefits
of Internet Fax? Can you still remain competitive without
Internet Fax? It’s your call?

For a handy online comparison chart of all the major Internet Fax Service Providers click here: Online Fax Comparison Chart For more detailed reviews of the different online fax services try here: Internet Fax Copyright © 2007 Titus Hoskins. This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

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