Trump Administration Threatens Net Neutrality

Tom Wheeler, the previous chairman of the FCC, utilized his last public speaking engagement before leaving office to caution organizations and buyers that their choice of cloud services and business applications could be extremely constrained if the approaching organization strikes down the 2015 open internet arrangement that he and his team set up. This request situated the FCC’s unhindered internet control that keeps Internet Service Providers from abating or blocking activity on their systems. This gives all activity level with circumstance and speed and counteracts arrange bias.

Wheeler additionally demonstrated sympathy toward the Internet of Things, a territory of financial development that is rapidly getting to be distinctly top of brain to numerous organizations and strategy creators in Washington.

“[T]he development of the web of things is another territory that relies on upon the open network of those things,” Wheeler said. “On the off chance that ISPs can choose subjectively which IoT gadget can be associated, or support their own IoT action over their rivals, the splendid eventual fate of IoT diminishes.” Wheeler proceeded, “As everything goes into the cloud, the capacity to get to the cloud free of guardians is basic. In the event that ISPs get the chance to pick which applications and mists work superior to anything others as far as get to, speed and dormancy, they will control the cloud future,”.
Wheeler’s position may not be an unexpected now but rather given his past as a lobbyist for the link and remote area his support of internet fairness may come as a stun.

Bill Wilson, an expert for Broadband Landing, stated, “Wheeler might underplay the earnestness of the circumstance. Internet fairness is the greatest arrangement that nobody truly gets it. On the off chance that customers and private companies really acknowledged what the web would look like after it was purchased and sold by substantial partnerships that was be stressed. This would be every one of that was being discussed.”
Wheeler has a similar question numerous organizations do, specifically will Trump disassemble an arrangement that is unmistakably working? With republicans straightforwardly contradicted to internet fairness things do appear to be desperate for the approach.

Wheeler’s discourse not just goes about as a notice to the approaching organization additionally unmistakably endeavors to extend the extent of the internet fairness wrangle all in all. Shopper effect of the open web request is quite often the lead in any talk of internet fairness yet here Wheeler’s concentration was on the threat to organizations and their expanding utilization of distributed computing. Interference or the moderating of these administrations is more damaging than a video playing moderate. Organizations may be required to totally change back office administration frameworks. An organization like could have their client base separated between clients that have an ISP that permits their activity and ISP’s that won’t. Circumstances of this sort could be rehashed crosswise over numerous business administrations. On the off chance that AT&T purchases a firm that gives CMS to deals and advertising bunches, it is not unfathomable that they would demonstrate inclination to this firm over others.

Wheeler particularly gets out Verizon and AT&T for the “zero rating” programs that give a few organizations free access by not charging clients for the information they utilize. While this isn’t the dreaded “Fast track” unhindered internet has been attempting to stay away from, it might really be more regrettable.

Wheeler completed his discourse with, “It now tumbles to another arrangement of controllers, to another FCC and to the individuals who advocate before it and the Congress to decide the street that they need to take from here,” Wheeler said. “We are at a fork in that street. One way leads forward and alternate leads back to relitigating arrangements that are certifiably working.”

While the byway similarity fits, it’s really more extraordinary than Wheeler makes it appear. One street leads forward and alternate leads back 10 years and afterward off a precipice into a gap loaded with crocs.

The Best Place in Boulder to Spend an Inexpensive Afternoon: The Pearl Street Mall

Contortioinists are double-jointed throughout their bodies.
Contortioinists are double-jointed throughout their bodies. | Source
Pearl Street Mall: A Busker’s Delight

Recently, I had to travel to Boulder, CO on business and had several hours to kill right in the downtown area. So, recalling that there was a lot of action on the Pearl Street Mall, I headed on over.

Compared to Denver’s 16th Street Mall, the Pearl Street Mall has fewer pianos and cows, but literally oodles of buskers!

On this day, the assortment of entertainers was quite engaging: magicians, musicians of unusual instruments, an artist and, best to my thinking, a contortionist.

Behind all of this in close distance are the highly unusual appearing Flatiron rock formations.

A map exists at the end of this article to assist those unfamiliar with the environs.
A drummer using typical household instruments rather than drums.
A drummer using typical household instruments rather than drums. | Source
Magicians, Artists and Musicians

I visited on an incredibly hot this day–the first of an unbelievable four days of record-breaking heat in the Denver Metro Area.

As with Denver’s 16th Street Mall, there are many magicians and musicians. There was an artist, NOT a cartooning artist, but a serious one. He kept himself shaded and was painting a side-street scene.

One of the brighter musicians played drums on any pot or pan available, as well as five-pound buckets. Kudos for originality.
Preparing to enter box.
Preparing to enter box. | Source
Entering plexiglass box.
Entering plexiglass box. | Source
Entry complete.
Entry complete. | Source
The Contortionist

In my opinion, the most interesting busker was the contortionist. Such people are double-jointed in nearly all of their joints and thus can squeeze into the tiniest of containers.

I have never seen a working contortionist in a downtown mall, so this was a treat!

He was affable and jovial to the audience and said, “Now folks, I didn’t go to college. I’m not a lawyer or a doctor. So I put myself in this box every day.”

“Stay in school, kids. So you don’t have to get in a box or go to a box every day.”

Parents with children in the audience were very pleased at this encouragement to stay in school to avoid an unwanted career. Truthfully, however, I think he enjoyed the attention his unusual ability permitted him to get a crowd excited.

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I started using the internet in 1998. I built five different web sites using html and JavaScript. A few years ago, I started writing computer programs with C++.
Colorado Travel
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At Denver Colorado we went to Casa Bonita, the Mexican food restaraunt with cliff divers for entertainment, the Denver Art Museum, Elitch’s Fun Park, and the Denver Zoo. We have also visited the Colorado Springs Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and took some excellent photographs of the zoo exhibits.
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We raised dogs, cats, and horses on a farm for many years. One of the cats lived outside for at least eighteen years. That’s a very long time for a farm cat.

I have also had fish aquariums for ten years, with Comet, Calico, Fantail, and Fancy Goldfish, Male and Female Bettas, or Siamese Fighting Fish, Paradise Fish, and Zebra, Leopard, and Pearl Danios.
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It’s the greatest thing in the world when you find your soul mate. I wrote some articles about love and marriage and I created a lens about it.
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We like to grow all different kinds of houseplants. I grew lemon Bonsai trees from seeds. It seems like the plants that are supposed to be more difficult, like Gardenias and Miniature Roses are easy for me and the plants that are supposed to be the easiest, like spider plants, are more difficult. We also have vegetable and flower gardens.
Storms and Tornadoes

When I volunteered with Search and Rescue, we took a training course to be weather spotters. We created two lenses about thunderstorms and tornadoes.

Craigslist Job Scams

Scams to look out for!

Job hunters be aware of the Craigslist job postings! As in a process of finding jobs myself, I have come to a conclusion that not every job posting is what it may seem. Some of these postings look too good to be true, I’m talking about the ones that are specifically geared toward writing, reviewing, data entry, do it out of your home office type deals, and local companies that might be hiring in your area. True, there are some home business opportunities that might actually be legitimate, but if you are a freelance writer like myself, a mom seeking at home work, or a recent college grad in need of extra cash (while searching for a fulltime job) some of these postings aren’t the answer.

You need to do a check before you send materials, like your resume, letters of recommendation, your phone numbers and address, and writing samples. These items are your valued information — especially your contact information and your writing samples. These items can be taken and used for web material. The rising need for web material is becoming an enormous phenomenon. There are small companies out there that have a webpage (or some that claim to have a website) that get the gullible consumer to pay money to get started their work from home. I’m telling you – this is a scam! Now, some of us might say hey, no shit, it’s a scam, but when you are out of work, you are almost willing to do whatever it takes to get a job.

Here are some pointers to avoid issues when viewing Craigslist (or any job posting site for that matter) that might have a wonderful opportunity for you, that might not really be so wonderful. First of all, when searching, home in on exactly the area or field you want, it gets less frustrating this way. Do a strategic search on your job area, location, etc. Then when you pull up the job ad be sure to locate an actual website, e-mail address, fax or phone number, and company name on that particular posting. Now, granted some jobs, like government contractors might not have their name posted, due to the high level of inquires they might get – but these should still have an e-mail or legitimate mailing address.

If you don’t see an E-mail and all you get is the Craigslist E-mail (ex: [email protected]) I wouldn’t send my information. To me, this doesn’t seem like a smart way for a company seeking an asset to show themselves to the public. To me, this says, “We are seeking any moron that we can pay minimum wage to.” Or “We want you to be our slave in our small company so we can make all the money.” Basically, if the company wants you to learn about their company before applying, then they would actually have the company information readily available to you. Without this critical information it also means the company probably needs a temporary person. Who would want to work for a company or organization that’s not informative?

If you are a serious job hunter, seeking employment that will take you somewhere, I think these tips should be helpful to you. You want a career? Then you must be selective and make sure all essential information is available on an ad before applying. Why should you send your information if the company won’t supply theirs?

How To Partner With Your Technology Staffing Service

A technology staffing service in Denver can be a huge asset to your business. Many businesses have fluctuating technology needs. Whether you need more IT support one week, a qualified systems administrator the next, and someone to come in and train employees on network setup and maintenance for a few days, here are some important things to remember in your relationship with your tech staffing agency.

Be Detailed about Expectations
It may not be enough when working with a technology staffing service to tell them that you need someone who knows C++. What certifications are you going to require that the pro have? How many years of experience do you need? Do you want someone with specific experience? Be as specific as you can be when you are working with a staffing agency to find you the right personnel and they will be much more likely to be able to find the right professionals for you.

Keep Them in the Loop
When you are working with a technology staffing service, you will want to keep them in the loop so they are prepared ahead of time for what some of your business needs might be. For example, do you know ahead of time every year that you are going to have one period of the year where you’ll need some extra help? Do you have a major project coming up soon that you are going to need some extra IT support involvement for? Keeping your technology staffing agency abreast of what your needs are now and what you will likely need in the future is going to be important to ensure a positive working relationship between your organization and theirs so that there are no surprises on either end. In addition, they will likely be better able to provide support on short notice when you find yourself in a jam.

Use Their Industry Knowledge
No one will know better than your staffing service what the current industry trends are and what certifications are best for the tasks that you need to complete and the projects that you are working on. You should use their industry knowledge to your advantage to make sure you find the right people for the job and are asking for the right kinds of personnel for your specialized projects.

Provide Feedback on Employees
Whenever you have employees from a technology staffing service work in your organization, you should be providing the staffing agency with feedback regarding the personnel that they have sent your way. For better or for worse, the agency wants to know whether the personnel they are providing are meeting your expectations and needs. If they are not, then the agency wants to know this as well so that they can find ways to improve their hiring processes or screening standards to avoid employee mishaps in the future.

How They Handle Sticky Situations
When there are difficult situations that arise, such as an employee that is not acting in accordance with the staffing service’s standards, you want to make sure that you are working with a company that can handle the situation with professionalism. If by chance something comes up and you need a refund for services that you paid for but were not received, pay close attention to how the agency handles this situation. Working with a technology staffing service in Denver can be extremely beneficial for your business. There are some things to do, however, that will make your partnership with the staffing agency more lucrative and efficient. Keeping these tips in mind will help you and the agency form a working relationship that benefits both sides.

Denver Computer Networking When You Need It

Yes, you can get IT services remotely from almost anywhere on the planet – but locally-based Denver IT support and Denver computer networking services mean working with folks in your own community, keeping the money here at home – and knowing who you are working with. If you live and/or work in the Denver metro area, it pays to hire Denver IT support specialists. Likewise, if you find your computer hardware is becoming obsolete, Denver computer support people can advise you on upgrades – meaning you may not have to replace your whole machine.

Control Over Your IT Systems and Networks

Aside from the fact that business IT systems and home networks can be vulnerable to viruses and hackers, having reliable Denver network management can help you to take control. Are your employees surfing the web where they shouldn’t during business hours? Are you worried that your children may access harmful websites? Let Denver computer networking experts take those worries off your hands. A reliable Denver computer networking service can show you how to block sites that are inappropriate as well as put up rock-solid protection that will make your system virtually invulnerable to hackers. But this is only one of the benefits of locally-based Denver network management.

Business owners take note: you can save a lot on your overhead operating expenses with IT outsourcing. Denver businesses that keep an IT staff on an ongoing basis – even when there’s nothing to do – are spending unnecessary money that could be invested in more productive ways. One of the smartest moves you can make is IT outsourcing; Denver IT experts that are on call but are not part of your payroll and work only when you are in need of technical services means lower overhead costs.

Replace – or Upgrade?

Computers are notorious for becoming obsolete. Fortunately, you normally do not have to replace your entire machine every two years; Denver computer support experts can show you what components can easily be upgraded – and often, the problem is as simple as adding more RAM. Even Macs, which cost more than PCs have upgrade options available. Denver computer support people can also help identify problems that may be slowing down your system, such as spyware and adware.

Supporting the Local Economy

Of course, the best part about Denver IT support is that it puts people to work here at home and keeps dollars in the local economy. Get to know some of your local Denver IT support technicians and we’re sure you’ll agree.

Denver It Support Close At Hand

It is a fact that IT management and support can be gotten rather cheap from places like India and Romania, but getting Denver computer networking services here in town is a better choice – and this has everything to do with quality of service. Besides, if you have hardware issues, someone on the other side of the planet is not going to be much help to you. Denver computer support is readily available from people you know, when you need it, and can address the entire range of issues you might experience.

Managing Your IT Systems and Networks

You know of course that networks, whether for business or home, are vulnerable to viruses, hackers and malware. However, Denver network management services go even further by allowing you to have full control over your network – not only by setting up firewalls and security measures, but by installing filters that will block unwanted web-sites. Denver computer networking services make sure that your children are protected at home and your employees at work focus on what they are supposed to be doing.

By the way, as a business owner, are you burdened by the expense of a full-time IT support staff? Denver IT outsourcing means that you can hire Denver IT support on an “as-needed” basis. For small business in Denver, IT outsourcing is an economical way to take care of your Denver IT support needs while minimizing your operating costs. Plus, when you outsource these jobs to an outside company, you are spared the hassle of record-keeping, payroll, and all the other red tape that goes along with having regular salaried employees.

More Benefits of Denver Computer Support

Because of rapidly-advancing technology, computer hardware becomes obsolete almost the minute you install it. Denver computer support people can recommend upgrades, install them as needed and even diagnose hardware problems. They can also do the preventive maintenance that will maximize the life of your current hardware, which is yet another benefit of Denver IT support.

One of the greatest benefits of hiring locally-based Denver computer networking professionals however is that the dollars you spend stay here in Denver – and eventually come back to you, helping you to grow your business and your community. Money that stays in the region fuels demand and ultimately benefits all of us. This may be the best reason to rely on Denver computer networking services from your neighborhood Denver IT support experts.

Internet Service Providers in Washington DC – History and Fun Go Hand-In-Hand!

Internet service providers in Washington DC can offer you DSL, fiber optic or wireless high speed internet connections, bringing the nation’s capital to your computer screen.

Whether you live and work in DC or want to enjoy a vacation there, a fast internet connection can really make your day.

For instance, if you’re visiting the capital from out of town, there’s plenty of history to enjoy in this city. There’s the Smithsonian Museums where you can happily spend a day, or even more, exploring everything from insects to locomotives! With a fast internet connection you can find out the opening times and even directions from your hotel.

Other attractions include taking a tour of the Whitehouse, the Capitol Building and the Supreme Court and finding out more about how the nation is governed. Or if you love historic buildings, then why not take a stroll through Georgetown, where you can admire beautifully restored 200 year old row houses?

Enjoy a walking tour of Old Town, Alexandria, a hop, skip and a jump away on the other side of the Potomac River. Feel the cobblestones under your feet as you explore this 250 year old waterfront town. You’ll be able to find out all the history of this town beforehand, courtesy of the internet.

If you fancy a change of pace on your vacation, then why not head over to Denver, Colorado? Internet service providers in Denver can offer a high speed DSL connection so you can check when the ski fields receive the first dump of snow in winter or which hiking trails are the best ones to explore during the summer months.

Fast internet speeds in Denver range from 1.5 mbps all the way up to 20 mbps. That means you’ll be able to do anything you like online, from playing games to watching TV shows, movies and videos, to downloading songs, planning your vacation, and even internet banking and online shopping.

You can search online for the best tourist attractions to visit in Denver, such as the 16th Street Mall, the Colorado State Capitol, the U.S. Mint and Denver Botanic Gardens. It’s so easy to check opening times and admission charges when you have a fast broadband connection.

If you love dinner theatre, then you’re in for a treat as Denver has three murder mystery dinner shows, the Lumber Baron Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre, The Dinner Detective and the Adams Mystery Playhouse. You can use your high speed internet connection to try to choose which one you should go to and make your reservations.

Having a wireless internet connection while you’re on vacation is just about essential these days; no more trying to find an internet café to email your friends or check the latest opening times for that restaurant that’s been recommended by your friends or fellow tourists. It’s all available to you from your laptop at the touch of a button, which means you save time and money when you search for the latest and greatest things to do on your vacation.

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Tips on Hiring a Computer Repair Company

For many of us, life stops when our computers stop. In this era of communication, we depend on computers in a big way. I am sure that many people find it hard to imagine a day’s work without a functional computer.

Apart from using the social media sites, household people use computers for searching, e-mailing, browsing interesting sites and researching. But that is not all. Now many people work as freelance contractors by sitting at home. For them, computer is the work station.

Things do not go right all the time. From time to time we face troubles with our computers. Sometimes the monitor does not work, sometimes internet does not work, sometimes the cables malfunction, sometimes the power cods do not function. What to do in such cases? I guess many of us try to fix it of our own. What happens if we make the thing worse? Therefore I suggest that you contact a computer repair company when things go wrong with your laptop or desktop computer. They are professionals and know how to repair computers. They will first diagnose the problem and than will repair it. Here are the tips on hiring a computer repair company:

Ask your friends and relatives for a suggestion. Ask them if they have contacts of any computer repair company or not. If they have contacts of such a company, ask them whether they were happy with the service of the company or not. If the answer is yes, call the company and talk to the sales representative.

Another good way to search for a computer repair company is by browsing the internet. Search whether there are any companies in your town. For instance, if you live in Denver, search for a company that has its office in Denver. If you find several companies, note down their numbers.

Before selecting a company, find out its reputation. If it has good reputation, you can be assured that it will do a first-class job on your computer. My advice would be to ask; who their previous clients were, did these clients leave satisfied, how long this company has been in business and what noticeable accomplishments do they have under their belt. If all answers are satisfactory than you can be sure that they would do a good job.

Before selecting a computer repair company, find out whether they have a 24/7 phone support or not. If they do, very good. If they do not have this service, move on and select another. I am saying this because you probably would need their help in future as well. And you never know when things might go wrong. It can be in the middle of the night!

My last tip would be this – do not hesitate to bargain with the company. If you know the exact problem, ask them how much they would charge to fix it. If you do not know the problem, ask they how much could the charge be.

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Why I Looked for DSL in My Area

I am not paying the equivalent of a car payment on a used car for Internet service every month. That is ridiculous. Most families do not need those insane Internet speeds to have a great daily Internet experience for the whole family. A lot of businesses do not have the Internet speeds some people are paying for at home. To me, it is just a waste of money we can put toward things such as a longer vacation. When we moved, I looked up who was providing DSL in my area. DSL is not old technology. It has been developed to the point that it offers broadband Internet at family speeds that let you stream movies, connect game consoles and use your home’s Wi-Fi on your smartphones and tablets and more.

I guess we just get all wrapped up in higher numbers or bigger portions are better. Our waistlines in America offer counter evidence to the one, and getting DSL proves the other is not needed as well. Continue reading →